Receive electronic business card to the event

  • After registration data of visitor is recording in electronic form on the badge or bracelet – “E-card”)
  • E-card is used for instant and accurate exchange of contacts
  • Badge or bracelet replaces a pass to stands of exhibition or specialized areas
Choose interesting exhibits on display
  • On the terminal exhibitor available electronic catalog of goods or services
  • The visitor puts his badge to the terminal and selects the interesting position
  • Possibility to choose specific interesting product, group of products, the entire directory submission
  • You can leave request for information on these products
In your personal account on portal to get information about the results of the event
  • Account of visitor created when you registered on the portal
  • The portal has all the information about past, current and planned events which the visitor has chosen for himself
  • During the event, there is no need to collect all the handouts and brochures
  • Information on products of interest available in your account on the portal