Create on the portal a directory of the goods or services presented at the event
  • The terminal stand is available for visitors to review the electronic catalog
  • No need to keep a large staff at the event
  • No need to print a large number of informational materials for distribution to visitors
During the event, get contacts and interests of visitors online
  • Instant and unmistakable exchange contacts with interested visitors
  • Automatic generation of electronic catalog of contacts visitors
  • Online assessment of the effectiveness of the event, work of stands, opportunity to receive feedback on the results of event anytime
  • Fixing the interest of visitors in the catalog of goods
After the event work with interested customers on the portal
  • Available full analytics based on the results of the event - by visitors, by goods, by the time of passage of the event
  • No need for manual handling contacts after the event
  • Ability to work with interested visitors after the event - update the directories on the portal and in account, conduct among the target audience promotions and etc.