User Agreement

This document defines the rules for the use of materials and functionality of the service Expodat and regulates the mutual obligations and rights of our company, our partners and users. If you do not agree with some points of the agreement - you do not have to use materials and service capabilities service Expodat.

Using a unique hardware-software complex EXPODAT organizer receives significant benefits.

Using a unique hardware-software complex EXPODAT exhibitor receives significant benefits.

We are always happy to help our partners and service users.

When using a unique hardware-software complex EXPODAT visitor receives significant benefits.

Nowadays, the exhibition events have become the most effective tool for business marketing in different industries.

Organizer, Exhibitor and Visitor - each of them would like to get a certain result from the event.

The main purpose of the Organizer is to increase status of the Event, primarily through an optimal informational and communicational environment, as well as the most comfortable conditions for the effective operation of exhibitors.